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  • Espier Dialer i7 (1.2.0)

    Espier Dialer i7 (1.2.0)


    Espier studio

    The best dialer and contacts app for Android phone in Apple's flat style.

  • Summary

    Espier Dialer i7 is the best dialer and contacts app for Android phone in Apple's flat style. This app allows you to experience the contacts management and the call management in Apple's flat style on your Android mobile phone.

    Note: Apple, iPhone, iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and other countries and regions around the world.
    Note: iOS is a registered trademark of Cisco Technology, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries and regions around the world.

    1. Apple's flat style user interfaces, simple and practical.
    2. Favorites management helps you to manage your frequent contacts.
    3. Easily manage the call log ordered by all and missed.
    4. Alphabetical list of contacts helps you locate your contact easily.
    5. Dial Pad provides support for T9 intelligent matching (You can disable this feature if it is lag).
    6. Incoming/Outgoing call interfaces in Apple's flat style (Available only in full version mode).
    7. Genuine validation to prevent use of the maliciously cracked version of this app.

    1. The basic functions of this app are FREE and this app does not contain any third-party ads. However,
      * You will get 10-day free use for evaluating the full version of this app. After this, you will be charged for a permanent full version license. If you do not pay for the full version license, the app will run without incoming/outgoing call interfaces in Apple flat style and you can continue using this app. The full version license costs 800 Espier Coins.
      * In order to remove the Recommended Apps in More Page, you need to pay 1,000 Espier Coins to get an extra license.
    2. Note that because of limitation on some customized systems, the incoming/outgoing call interfaces in Apple flat style can not work on some devices. Please confirm it can work properly in the evaluation period before you pay for the full version license.
    3. Espier Coin is a virtual currency, and 1,000 Espier Coins are equal to USD5.00. However, if you use Espier PrivChat to register Espier ID and keep using PrivChat, you will gain some GIFT coins (up to 5,000 coins). As a result, you might be able to buy the permanent license without any real payment! For more information about the Espier Coins, please refer to

    4. Other network resources:
      * Please visit to get usage instructions and tips.
      * Please visit to communicate with the developer.
      * Please join the Espier-Apps Google Groups (!forum/espier-apps) for easy communication with the developer and other users of Espier apps.

  • Latest Update2014-07-16

    1. Remove third-party ads.
    2. Cleanup and optimize code.
    3. Tune Uis and fix bugs.

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    Espier studio




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    1.69 MB

    Suitable for any age.

    Android 2.1 or later

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