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  • Espier Launcher iOS6 (3.4.0)

    Espier Launcher iOS6 (3.4.0)


    Espier Workshop

    This app not only clones the classic iOS Home Screen for your Android devices, but also gives you more features and fun!

  • Summary

    Espier Launcher is the best and the most popular iOS-style home screen app for Android devices. It not only clones the Apple's classic iOS Home Screen for your Android devices, but also gives you more features and fun. In this version, you can experience the perfect Android implementation of iOS font, icons, dynamic icons, search page, wallpaper, and animations. Now, you can feel the beauty and simplicity of Apple's iOS on your Android devices!
    By using other Espier apps (Espier Screen Locker, Espier Notifications; the Pro editions of these apps are also available on Google Play), your Android device will become an iOS device.
    1. A perfect combination of classical iOS-style and the modern Android features:
      * Perfect implementation of iOS home screen effects and functions.
      * Flawless widget support; You can have multiple widget pages (up to eight).
      * Complete shortcuts management.
    2. Dozens switches or options, which help the launcher matches your Android device perfectly:
      * Use widget pages or not.
      * Show all widgets in one wiget page or use multiple widget pages.
      * Show widget pages along with icon pages or show the widget pages separately.
      * Powerful customization of icon layout; You can customize the icon size, icon layout (columns and rows), the size of icon title, and the color of the title.
      * Customize your search engine (Need to pay for an extra license).
    3. Unique multi-language support; Dozens languages supported, and more and more.
    4. AppHub folder reminds you the update of your apps in time (To remove AppHub folder, you need to pay for an extran license).
    5. The visual effects when you scroll the widget pages.
    6. Other features or enhancements:
      * Enhanced icon design; you can apply one design to a specific category of icons, not only one icon.
      * No limitation for the number of icons in a folder.
      * Locking icons, not only hiding them.
      * Dozens of themes (more and more) available to decorate your home screen.
      * Dozens of plugins (more and more) available to extend the functions; Badge icons if you use Espier Notifications plugin.
      * You can get your favorite wallpapers and icons from our online gallery easily.
    1. The basic functions of this app are FREE and this app does not contain any third-party ads. However,
      * Choose your favirote search engine, you need to pay 600 Espier Coins to get the extra license.
      * In order to remove AppHub floder, you need to pay 1,000 Espier Coins to get the extra license.
      * In order to save the pictures from Online Gallery, you need to subscribe this function (500 Espier Coins for 30 days).
    2. Espier Coin is a virtual currency, and 1,000 Espier Coins are equal to USD5.00. However, if you keep visiting Espier Mobile Portal from Espier Launcher, you will gain some GIFT coins. If you file valid bugs in our bug management system (, you may gain some VOLUNTEER coins. As a result, you might be able to buy the licenses without any real payment! For more information about the Espier Coins, please refer to
    3. Other network resources:
      * Please visit to get usage instructions and tips.
      * Please visit to communicate with the developer.
      * Please join the Espier-Apps Google Groups (!forum/espier-apps) for easy communication with the developer and other users of Espier apps.

  • Latest Update2013-09-27

    1. Tune the software architecture to reduce the memory use and be more responsive than before.
    2. Add user guide page.
    3. Fix the lag issue when returning the home screen from other apps.
    4. Fix several bugs.

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    Espier Workshop




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    5.84 MB

    Suitable for any age.

    Android 2.1 or later

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